Complex brand protection —

Complex brand protection

For the successful resolution of disputes which arise in the field of legal protection of intellectual property, in addition to knowledge of legislative norms, it is necessary to have the ability to interpret them, as well as to analyze the available judicial practice. Our team consists only of highly qualified specialists who can provide full legal support, and help to resolve conflicts of any complexity. Already in the first year of the project, a significant reduction in illegal products  was recorded.

The “Complex Brand Protection” service is the most effective way to solve problems related to  violation of intellectual property rights. This is due to the fact that control of rights violation is taken not only offline, but online as well.  What does this mean? We monitor the illegal use of a trademark, brand , patent in the retail and wholesale trade, the production of goods and services, and on the Internet. You can use these services separately or in a complex.

Services include

Offline brand protection

Identifying, suppressing violations and bringing the perpetrators to justice in the field of retail and wholesale trade

Online brand protection

Preventing the illegal use of trademarks and the distribution of counterfeit products, as well as illegal digital content on the Internet

Expected outcome

A decrease in the share of counterfeit products in the market to the minimum limits  (tenfold)

The creation of an environment where counterfeit trade is not economically viable

A growth in the attractiveness of the brand. Obtained by the Right holder of competitive advantages in the licensing market

If necessary – the recovery of money from the violator;  notification of market participants about the inadmissibility of client rights violations



Study of the problem and existing documentation


Develop of a legal documents package for the brand


Monitor the illegal use of intellectual property on- and offline


Record violations to the fullest extent possible


Provide with massive claim attack and then goes the trial


Clarify: how to conduct honest business without  client rights violations

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