Consulting and Dispute Resolution —

Consulting and dispute resolution in the area of transactions with intellectual property

Protection of intellectual property copyright is our main area of activities. We have been working in this area for over 19 years, and our staff consists of only those lawyers who really know how to protect copyright holders and win cases of varying complexity.

Our competence includes all matters relating to copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, know-how, franchises, computer programs, domain names, etc. We protect the interests of our clients at all stages of dispute resolution — ranging from consulting and support activities to the judicial settlement of cases.

What kind of problems do we solve?

  • Registration of trademarks and other items, covered by exclusive rights
  • Legal business support and support of transactions with items, covered by exclusive rights
  • Resolution of disputes, related to intellectual property transactions, including issues of law, disputes on early termination of legal protection of trademarks, domain disputes etc.
  • Unfair competition, damage to business reputation

Whom do we work with?

  • Authors and copyright holders:
    • creators of art works,
    • musical compositions and literary writings,
    • software,
    • authors of any other unique product, production of which involves of intellectual resources.
  • Licensees (those who received a certain scope of authority as a result of participation in licensing deals in favor of the licensee)

Business Performance:

  • Intellectual property of our clients is under reliable legal protection
  • Years of judicial experience of our experts allows to adopt non-standard decisions in complex situations and to prevent subtle errors within the legal business support
  • Successful defense of interests of our clients in all courts of the judiciary system, particularly in Intellectual Property Rights Court and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

How do we work

We provide legal advice on the transfer, acquisition, disposition and protection of copyright and related rights

We provide assistance in enforcement proceedings after adoption of favorable judgement

We prepare and carry out legal analysis of relevant license agreements

We register intellectual property and trademarks

We prepare the legal view and claim against offenders under pre-trial dispute resolution

We protect copyright through legal support in courts of all instances

Matters we can help you with:

Disputes on infringement of trademark right, domain disputes

Protection of copyrights and related rights, particularly in the Internet

Early termination of the exclusive rights to trademarks

Disputes on affiliation and patent disputes

Pre-trial negotiations between the copyright holder and offender

Representation of interests in courts of all instances and other authorities

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