Masha and the Bear VS Retail Russia —

Masha and the Bear VS Retail Russia

Complex brand protection to reduce counterfeit in retail

Project start: 2012-…

Task and results


Intellectual property related to the children’s animated series Masha and the Bear have gained worldwide fame and popularity among kids. Unscrupulous businessmen also liked  Masha and the Bear . The company faced an unprecedented amount of counterfeit in retail. At the start of the project, counterfeit was found in federal and regional chain stores, in the markets and in retail and convenience stores. The company could not effectively run the licensing business due to poor brand protection

What we have done

We  have studied the documentation of the copyright holder company and have organized a permanent monitoring activities of retail throughout Russia. More than 22,000 cases of violations have been recorded, including violations in the wholesale trade, import and production of goods and services, claims and pleadings were addressed in court. Overwhelmingly, the cases were won, and compensation was recovered from the violators in favor of the copyright holder.


After a year of work, our actions have  led to the result – the counterfeit has been reduced tenfold. Through  the second year of the project, we have achieved the complete removal of counterfeit goods by individual product groups, for example: stationery. From 2015, onward we began to  have trouble finding new violations of our client’s rights. While in places where we had previously found counterfeit, our employees started to observe the sale of licensed goods by our client. Our involvement has helped the client successfully develop  licensing in Russia. We are currently conducting supportive monitoring, which keeps the counterfeit market from re-developing around the Masha and Bear brand.