Offline brand protection —

Offline brand protection

What problems do we solve?

  • Trademark use without the permission of the copyright holder (in advertising, product manufacture, event planning, etc.)
  • Distribution of counterfeit products (fakes)
  • The sale  of products imported by unauthorized dealers (gray imports)
  • Unfair competition, harm to  business reputation

Who do we work with?

  • All retail sectors: from the format of convenience stores to regional and federal chains
  • Wholesale firms, warehouses and markets
  • Manufacturers and importers
  • Holiday organizers, animators and performances   
  • Unscrupulous pastry chefs — “custom-made cakes”

Performance results:

  • Opinion-formation of market participants on the inadmissibility and economic feasibility of the violation of exclusive client rights
  • A significant  decrease in the supply of counterfeit products
  • A redirection of  target audience into legal sales channels
  • An increase in  loyalty and consumer confidence in the brand
  • Ultimate result: sales increase

More than 70,000 cases client’s rights violations have been recorded  in our database to date. For each of the cases of violation of rights, we do:

Fix violations and add samples to the catalog

Form databases, provide analysis and statistics reports on the implementation of project protection

Negotiate with the offender for the purpose of pre-trial settlement or a lawsuit for compensation


Participate in joint raids with law enforcement agencies, advise and provide the necessary documents on behalf of the copyright owner

Interact with the Judiciary Police  to consult and also accompany the enforcement proceedings, up to the recovery of funds from the violator

Hold meetings with business participants on legalization of the market and respect for the clients’s rights, we inform about the wholesale channels of licensed goods



Study of the problem and existing documentation


Develop  of a legal documents package for the brand


Monitor the illegal use of intellectual property on and offline


Record violations to the fullest extent possible


Provide with massive claim attack and then goes the trial


Clarify: how to conduct honest business without  client rights violations

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