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Online brand protection

Our company has been carrying out activities to protect the interests of rights holders on the Internet for more than 12 years. In the modern business environment, clearance of the market  from unscrupulous participants supplies is absolutely necessary. Moreover, Russia is one of the leading countries with the highest level of piracy.

Therefore, the approach to the problem should be taken comprehensively, taking into account the increasingly growing role of the Internet segment. Our team consists only of highly qualified lawyers and attorneys who will provide comprehensive  legal support, and help to resolve conflicts and disputes of any complexity and protect your intellectual property on the Internet.

We solve the following problems faced by the copyright holders on  the Internet:

  • Use of trademarks without permission of the copyright holder
  • Distribution of counterfeit products (fakes)
  • Distribution of counterfeit digital content
  • Sales of products imported by unauthorized dealers (gray imports)
  • Other violations associated with malicious use of the brand (incorrect advertising, duplicate sites, communities in social networks, etc.)
  • Unfair competition, harm to business reputation

We work with:

  • Online stores
  • Digital distribution stores, online cinemas
  • Search results: Yandex, Google,, Bing
  • Market platforms: Yandex Market, Avito, Ali Express and others
  • Social networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram


  • Opinion-formation of market participants on the inadmissibility and economic feasibility of the violation of exclusive client rights
  • A significant  decrease in the supply of counterfeit products
  • A redirection of  target audience into legal sales channels
  • An increase in  loyalty and consumer confidence in the brand
  • Ultimate result: sales increase

Brand Online Protection program includes:

24-hour automated search function that analyses and sorts results, database development

Sequential dispatch of claims for the purpose of pre-trial settlement for violations and unlawful trademark use

Regular re-examination, and in case where the violation has not been eliminated, measures of judicial influence will be taken

Monthly reports which include:

  • a. systematic statistics of violations via various channels
  • dynamics of the changes in the situation for the period
  • market entry analysis of goods and services

If the offender has a physical premises, we will send a monitoring group to the site and fix the violation in order to completely stop the activities also in retail

We organize meetings with business participants on legalization of the market and implementation of clients’ rights , we report on wholesale channels for licensed goods

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