ROI Visual vs Retail Russia —

ROI Visual vs Retail Russia

Complex Brand Protection

Project start year: 2019-…

Task and result


The copyright holder, while running a licensed business, faced the problem of counterfeiting in the market of children’s goods and services in Russia.

What we have done

Permanent monitoring of retail outlets throughout the Russian Federation has been launched. For each (out of more than 4500) cases of violation of client’s rights, the fact of violation was recorded and not only the standard practice for dealing with violations was launched, but also a scheme unique for Russia: having identified violators, they are invited to start working with the licensed assortment. This allows not only to bring the guilty companies to justice, but also contributes to the distribution of the official product.


Formation of the opinion of market participants of high riskiness of business associated with violation of client rights. There is an extensive representation of counterfeit goods in trade. This trend is gaining strength and reached its maximum within the next year.