Stihl vs Counterfeit oils and counterfeit garden products market —

STIHL vs Counterfeit oils and counterfeit garden products market

Complex Brand Protection

Project start year: 2019-…

Task and result


Massive violation of trademarks rights.

What we have done

Permanent monitoring of local retail trade was launched throughout the Russian Federation. More than 1000 cases of violation of client’s rights were recorded, the fact of violation was recorded and a massive filing of claims was launched in court demanding the termination of illegal activities and payment of compensation. The amounts of compensation presented start from 100 thousand rubles, since counterfeit products entail not only financial losses, but can also damage the company’s image. Consumer use of low-quality products, such as oil, can lead to tool breakage, which will directly affect the client’s reputation.


Formation of the opinion of market participants of high riskiness of business associated with violation of client rights. There is an extensive representation of counterfeit goods in trade. This trend is gaining strength and reached its maximum within the next year.